KC500 Production offer (12/3/2021)


KC500 Pre Order

CIF Worldwide (safe ports)

Allocation Holder (UK)

Payment Terms: ESCROW

Price: USD 7.90 CIF

Origin : Thailand /Poland

Quantity : Max 200Mx12 / MOQ 5Mx12


1. Buyer send LOI and POF (BCL or current dated Bank statement)

2. Seller sends FCO and CONTRACT for signing

​3. Buyer returns signed & stamp contract

​4.Buyer email signed contract to escrow firm requesting for their escrow services.

​5. Escrow agent contact buyer/ seller accepting the request for their services with procedures to be followed

​6. Escrow agreement issued and signed by all concern parties.

​​7. Buyer proceed to make 2% escrow deposit with prove of deposit send to escrow firm and seller.

​​8. Escrow attorney confirm deposit to seller and seller send to escrow agent allocation confirmation and product certification. Seller also place a 2% PB.

​9. Deliver is processed and seller send all shipment documents including sgs report to buyer 48hrs prior to goods departure.

10. Goods ship to buyers destination. Buyer received pays balance of the total value with 15 banking days either by TT or LC after the sgs report at his destination based on Q and Q.

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