KC500 Production offer (7/27/2021)


KC500 Pre-Order, CIF Thailand

To: Kimberly Clark Allocation Holder, UK

Payment Terms:

1) ESCROW $500K Refundable Deposit

2)ITRLC for every shipments

Price: CIF $7.80 (by 7/27/2021)

Origin: Thailand

MOQ: 5M x 12-Months

Commission Structure: Buyer must pay for the commission.


1. Buyer - LOI, NCNDA, ICPO, LOA and POF (BCL or current dated bank statement)

2. Seller - FCO & CONTRACT for signing
3. Buyer returns signed FCO & CONTRACT

4. Buyer delivers Escrow $500K (Refundable Deposit) as the downpayment.

5. ESCROW agreement issued and signed by all parties.

6. Seller also places $500K PB on the Escrow.

7. Buyer issues ITRLC for the scheduled shipment in advance.

8. Deliver is processed and Seller send all shipment documents including SGS report to Buyer 48 hours prior to goods departure.

9. ITRLC will be released upon inspection.

10. Once payment has been received by the seller's bank, subsequent shipments continue as per terms and conditions of the SPA.

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