[HS0903] 09/03/2021


Cranberry Evolve 300 pcs per box

CIF Worldwide $16.50

MOQ 10Mx12-Months


1, Buyer will send LOl, with NCNDA and POF(LOA, BCL with ATV or MT199) - Due to pandemic, bank has minimal staff Are working, so seller wiling to proceed with Screen Shot of Bank Statements for the order with the agreed prices

2, Seller will provide FCO to that effect

3. Seller issue SPA after acceptance of FCO

4. 2% to be paid as advance via performance bond as assurance for Seller that Buyer will pick goods at CIF destination / 100% Irrevocable disvisible Transferable LC if monthly then add Revolving. ITDRLC or ITDLC

5. After 2% performance bond and 100% LC verification Seller will start the assembling process immediately, and make available all the necessary documents to include the SGS inspection report.

6. Delivery Lead time to final destination for logistics: 1 Week within USA or depends on destination.

7. The LC shall be paid complete into the Seller's account once the item arrive its final destination and it is certified by Buyer.


- Transaction Term: CIF

- Payment Term: 2% PB as advance, 100% ITDLC or ITDRLC

- Once FCO Accepted by Buyer, Seller will show the link in between the seller and distributor and factory. (Optional) Power of Attorney or authorization letter shall be provided to the intermediary if they intend to act as the main source by the End Buyer

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