Cranberry Evolve 300CT OTG USA (Houston TX)

[HSACM] 12/13/2021

100M Boxes — $23.10 (Including 10% Commission, $2.10 / 50% for the Buyer side)

COMMODITY: Non-Sterile Powder Free Nitrile Glove

BRAND: Cranberry Evolve 300CT

ORIGIN: Malaysia

PACKING: 300 Gloves/Box

SIZES: Small 10%, Medium 40%, Large 40%, Extra Large 10%

QUANTITY: 100,000,000 Boxes

PRICE: OTG USA $23.10 per box including the commission 10%

DELIVERY TIME: Immediate after 2% escrow deposit

PAYMENT TERMS: 2% escrow deposit followed by 2% PB after escrow contract signing, Final payment after SGS inspection by Buyer.

SOP / Terms & Conditions

1. Buyer sends NCNDA, LOI/ICPO + POF.

2. Seller sends FCO and SPA for signing.

3. Buyer returns signed & stamp contract.

4. Buyer email signed contract to escrow firm requesting for their escrow services.

5. Escrow agent contact Buyer/Seller accepting the request for their services with procedures to be followed.

6. Escrow agreement issued and signed by all concern parties.

7. Buyer proceed to make 2% escrow deposit with prove of deposit send to escrow firm and seller.

8. Escrow attorney confirms deposit to Seller and Seller sends to escrow agent Allocation Confirmation/ Product Certification. Seller also place a 2% PB.


10. Seller starts to prepare OTG Stock.

11. SGS Inspection to be arranged by the Buyer at Buyer's cost prior to delivery.

12. Payment release and Title Transfer after SGS Inspection

* POF: BCL+ATV, Last 6-Months Bank Statement, Screen Shot (Only less than 2 days from the date of issue).

We don’t accept MT199/799/760 as POF.

* NCNDA should be included clear title of each person, company name, address, email, mobile, passport number

and passport copy.

* Buyer and Seller pays escrow services fees in the ratio of 50% each.

* The escrow account will be designated by Seller. Buyer can get the documents from the escrow attorney.

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whatsapp: +1 737 232 0582

Name: Chang

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