[HS0903] 09/03/2021

FOB Malaysia $17.50 (CIF Sea +%0.50)

MOQ 5Mx12-Months

Include $0.50 commission for buyer side


1. LOI & NCNDA signed from Buyer up to Seller Mandate. (Follow Template given; require CLEAR passports, mobiles and addresses)

2. Once received, SM will conduct introductory zoom with Buyer, BM and facilitators (within 24 hr)

3. MOU sent directly, and only to, BUYER's official email, buyer to sign and return.

4. SM sends all documents to Seller, DD begins

5. Seller issue FCO, AFTER conducting DD and confirming availability with factory. (kindly allow min 5 days)

6. Buyer return FCO with Co. Stamp & Signature and ICPO

7. Buyer to provide CIS, Business Cert, if requested, and Import License (if applicable)

8. Seller issue Pl, SPA

9. Seller bank issues Bank Guarantee of $50,000 USD to buyer's bank (YES, seller sends BG FIRST!)

10. Buyer deposits (TT) $50,000 USD to Seller's bank, as a PB/allocation fee, AFTER receiving BG.

11. Seller shares Production Schedule from Factory (verifiable with Factory) and 12 months Allocation letter + Linkages to AH

12. Buyer opens ITLC

13. Production begin

14. Buyer is invited to perform SGS Inspection

15. All of the documents and paperwork shall be in the Name of the Buyer or Buyer Nominee.

16. Upon completion relevant paperwork and SGS 'Pass', LC releases for that specific tranche

17. This process repeats until completion of the last tranche of the order for the contracted quantity. $50K will be offset against the last month LC value (i.e. LC value minus $50K)

* A detailed SOP will be provided to buyer upon reaching point 3, in the form of a MOU.

* LOI MUST STATE: Buyer is willing and able to put a (MT103) $50K USD TT deposit as PB/Allocation fee after SPA signed, after receiving a Bank Guarantee for the same amount, and this will be offset against the last month LC value (i.e. LC value minus $50K USD) (please cut and paste this paragraph into the LOI) 

* Prices valid on a week to week basia, kindly ask for refresh ONLY whey your buyer is ready.
* Due to a lot of Buyers just shopping around for fun and not committing, Seller is offering a BG first, in return for a PB, to filter out the real buyers. $50K just a TINY amount relative to the size of the deal, to see if the Buyer is ready, willing and able. Most sellers are asking for a 2% deposit, ours is $50K against a BG given first.

* If you like the price but can't accept the SOP, kindly skip this offer, and do not attempt to negotiate. There are other sellers who can provide a different SOP that might suit you better, albeit at higher prices.

🚩 I can find another deal for you, contact me 🚩 / whatsapp: +1 737 232 0582

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