[SOLD]CIF Air(DDP) Malaysia Cranberry -MOQ 1M(Price $24.0 all in) #392

Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Cranberry 300 25 million Malaysia CIF Airport Delivery by Air, * Price : $24.0 DDP USA 25 NM near LA JFK other HUB airport * Commission : $0.6 Buyer Group * MOQ 3 Million boxes * Production Allocation Can Buy Also (75 million left) [SOP] Cranberry evolve gloves. 1.Buyer issues LOI and BCL. 2. Supplier provides FCO after verification of funds, Buyer signs FCO 3. Supplier issues PI ,SPA, Escrow Agreement. 4. All contract documents including SPA and Escrow Agreement is signed by the Buyer. 5. Proof of Allocation provided by Seller including Attestation by Malaysian International Trade Ministry 6. Buyer funds 100% Escrow in US. 7. Goods shipped by air within 1 week. 8. SGS report, packing list commercial invoice along with AWB issued by the supplier. 9. Goods delivered at destination, Buyer carries out SGS at destination for quality and quantity verification. 9. Goods released and transfer of ownership from Seller to Buyer after payment received by seller from Escrow.


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