Ansell EDGE 82-133 300PCS Production (Factory Direct)


MOQ: 5M x 12Months

Price: $16.20

Buyer has to pay the commission.

Mandatory Commission: $0.30

* No commission inside, it needs markup for commission buyer side.

Payment : 100% L/C (Transferable, Divisible and Revolving at Sight)

FOB : Please Mention Destination@Country in LOI


Buyer provides LOI, NCNDA, KYC, LOA, BCL/POF at a time

Seller issues FCO

Buyer Issues ICPO

Acceptance by Buyer

SPA Draft, PI and IMFPA.

Acceptance of SPA

Buyer provides Draft L/C

Buyer issues Transferable, Divisible, Revolving L/C

Supplies in 3/4 weeks after confirmation of L/C with Suitable Swift Instrument

* Need 2 separate L/C for Mandatory commission and Glove contract

🚩 I can find another deal for you, contact me 🚩 / whatsapp: +1 737 232 0582

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