[SOLD]3M CARDINAL Production Deal #375

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

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Chang@kotexsupplies.com / whatsapp: +1 737 232 0582

2B Cardinal $15.95 includes 10%

1B Cardinal same

3B Cardinal same

500Mil Cardinal $16.20 but will do same as B lots $15.95

2 lots of 500Mil available.

Cranberry 20.35$ 50% open to us 500M MOQ

5B Cranberry $20.35 all in.


​We have very strong LOAs on both the Cranberry and Cardinal lots. We are dealing directly with the title holder and they have the attorney times for closing calls already preset for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. The price on the Cardinal Flexal is $15.95 for the one B lot and $16.20 For less than 1 B 200 M to 500 M qty. includes 10% facilitator fee.

OTG US in 4 States including California.

SOPs for Cardinals


Written to All The Right Reasons LLC, C/O Global PPE LLC

2. Call with seller Mandate/Buyer Mandate immediately after docs are submitted.

3. MT199 for small lots. For 1 B BCL Is excepted

4. A2A

5. SGS or POL

6. Seller issues SPA Escrow established. 2% reciprocal performance clause available

7. Inspection

8. Buyer wires or releases money

9. Title transfer. Warehouse leases Transferred, or shipments are negotiated. Funds distributed

Buyer Mandate can get on phone with Seller Mandate on Saturday, The Lot(s) are 100% vetted. The seller has closed 43 PPE transactions. Our slots are already set for the A2A calls for Tuesday-Wednesday.

Cardinals Commission is $1.45 per box

$1.45 Billion 1/3 1/6 1/6 1/3

Buyer Mandate fully open

Buyer Intermediary 5 Boxes of 3.3% One box is closed four boxes are open


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